Sant Sevā

No mortal can escape the shades of sins in leading the day to day life. Sins are committed knowingly or unknowingly even when we are doing our best to escape them.
How to do away with the effects of sins and at the same time escaping these, Sri Shukdev Goswāmi tells the simple way to King Prikshith in Srimad Bhāgavatam. King Prikshith being on death row because of a curse, renounced everything and came in the sharan of Sri Shukdev for achieving salvation.
Sri Shukdev Goswāmi tells the King Prikshith that:
na tathā hyagwān rājan puyeyt tapādhibhi
yathā krishnārpit pranāstatt purush nishevyā
(Ch. 6/1/16)
Sri Shukdev Goswāmi says, O dear Prikshith, even the hardest of tapa cannot wash away all the sins of a sinful person. (Tapa is an act of meditating upon God with endeavor to have control on all sensual instincts.)
But the same can be done easily by serving the saints, i.e. by doing sevā of those who have dedicated their prāna i.e. their physical being and their mind in the lotus feet of Sri Krishna.
Sevā is selfless service of offering food, shelter or any act facilitating the saints for carrying out their bahjan, sumiran without any interruption.
Such saints are so dear to God that even God seeks the opportunity to serve them. There are many instances of saints like Kabir, Tarlochan, Sain, Namdev, Narsi in whose lives God Himself appeared to help them and carry out their jobs.
We should seek the opportunity to serve such saints selflessly and without any expectations of worldly things. Washing of sins open the ways for peace and happiness leading to communion with God which itself is a big reward of such service.
Hare Krishna!


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