Singing, narrating and remembering the glories of God is the form of devotion called Kathā Sankirtanam.
In Srimad Bhagavatam, Gopis while praying to Krishna says:
Tava Kathāmritam Tapta jeevanam Kavibhiriditam kalmshāpham
Shravan mangalam srimadātatam bhuvi gunanti te bhuridā janāh [Ch.10 verse 54]
Gopis say, O Krishna, your kathā is like nectar which gives relief from the severe pain of your separation. Saints have sung in their hymns that your kathā destroys all forms of the sins. Mere listening to your kathā brings good fortunes in life. Those fortunate enough who have done great charities or good deeds in their present or previous lives can only have the privilege of enjoying the bliss of your kathā.
Sri Guru Arjan Dev (5th Guru of Sikh) says in Sri Sukhmani Sahib that:
Pārjāt ih har ko nām.
Kāmdhen har har gun gām.
Sabh te ūtam har kī kathā.

Nām sunat darad dukh lathā
Guruji says that name of Hari is such that the person who recites it, acquires the sweet and divine smell of Parijāt flower (a divine tree) found in heaven. He is rid of all the vices of this world and is bestowed with the pleasing virtues like Pārijāt which are liked and honored by all. The name of Hari is like Kāmdhenu (a divine cow) who fulfils all the wishes by mere mentioning. And the best of all is the Hari Kathā from where the person gets the inspiration, knowledge and interest to move on to the path of communion with God. In Hari Katha, listening to His Glory destroys all pains and sorrows of mind.
Saint Tulsidas says that:
Sant samāgam hari kathā
Tulsi durlabh doye
Tulsidas ji says that meeting of saints and the opportunity to listen Hari Kathā, both are not easy to find. It is by His grace and His anugraha shakti that a person is fortunate enough to get to meet the saints and have the privilege of listening to Hari kathā.
The first step for seeking the communion with God is to pray Him and wish for the opprotunity to be in the śaran of the saints as these saints have the nectar of Kathāmritam.


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